human safari
n. A journey or expedition designed to seek out and observe people, particularly indigenous tribes.
We travel somewhere exotic, where the locals look different and we take photos of them. It could be local kids playing on a beach in the Caribbean, or an old fellow watching the world go by in a market in India….In essence what you have in the Omo Valley, in the Andaman Islands, in the North of Thailand is a human safari.
—Ben Colclough, “How Not to Be an Obnoxious Tourist With an Intrusive Camera,” The Huffington Post, April 03, 2013
The road is the main access highway for the island but campaigners say it opens up the reserve to unscrupulous tour guides who have in the past exploited the tribal community….

Ms Grig said the reopening of the road, expected to take place on Friday, was a blow to Survival’s three-year campaign. "It is hard to believe that the Supreme Court has allowed these human safari tours to start up again."
—Natalie Paris, “'Human safari' fears as Andaman Islands road reopens,” The Telegraph, March 06, 2013
1998 (earliest)
Too lazy to travel to the human safari parks that some indigenous reserves have become, tourists demand the more convenient entertainment of a human zoo.
—George Monbiot, “Tourist trap,” The Guardian, December 12, 1998
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