n. A Hispanic urban professional.
Mr. Munoz stresses that the crime rate has been dropping in Little Village and that he backs a tax-increment financing district in his ward — a controversial stance in other Hispanic areas. Because the neighborhood is improving, "folks like me — yuppies, luppies, huppies, whatever you want to call them — will be able to find homes here," he says, referring to the Latino and Hispanic variations of young urban professionals.
—Greg Hinz, “Vying for Hot Hispanic Votes,” Crain's Chicago Business, February 15, 1999
Wiscovitch calls himself a "huppie". Which, he translates, is a Hispanic Yuppie.
—Maurice Carroll, “Pols and Politics; Political Writers Ready for Show,” Newsday (New York), March 03, 1989
1986 (earliest)
Paul Rodriguez is one bilingual comedian who hasn't been lost in thetranslation. …

Among the work he has been doing have been films such as "D.C. Cab'' and this year's "Quicksilver'', a Kevin Bacon Wall-Street-on-wheels vehicle, in which he played an aspiring huppie (Hispanic Urban Professional).
—Michael Spies, “Bilingual comic uses the language of laughter,” Houston Chronicle, August 20, 1986
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