n. An extreme increase in the density of an urban area.
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As far as ‘pooling parking’, I agree that the concept has merit as an interim solution while the city transitions to hyperdensification; however, it must be supplemented with major ordinance changes.
—Quantum, “Comment of the day: Too many parking spaces,” Swamplot, August 02, 2013
Beach Residents Association, like GBNA, oppose development of this size and character on Queen Street. Many area residents spoke before the hearing on the issues: hyper-densification of our already crowded area, little or no traffic or parking planning, impacts on sewers and infrastructure, and general loss of quality of life.
—“Newsletter” (PDF), Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association, February 27, 2013
2006 (earliest)
The hyperdensification of urban society on the other hand liberates the landscape, which is being gradually eaten up by society, and declares it a continuous new green carpet between megacity blocks.
—Ilka Ruby & Andreas Ruby, “Groundscapes,” Gustavo Gill, January 01, 2006
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