pp. Parking a non-electric vehicle in an electric-car charging space.
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Being ICEd or ICEing refers to a driver of a traditional internal combustion engine parking in a designated plug-in charging spot.


While not as egregious as an able-bodied driver parking in a handicap spot, a fine should be imposed for ICErs.
—Robert Duffer, “EV etiquette: Four solutions to the problems of public charging,” Chicago Tribune, September 23, 2013
Unfortunately, it's a trend noticed all too frequently by Santa Monica-based reader Kelly Olsen, who shot the video below to demonstrate just how many spaces are being hogged, in a trend he dubs "ICEing"— in other words, being displaced by vehicles with Internal Combustion Engines.
—Antony Ingram, “Have you been ICEd? Gas guzzlers park in electric car-charging spots.,” The Christian Science Monitor, August 08, 2012
2011 (earliest)
Public charging has existed in California since 1996, much of it funded by General Motors. Because federal law requires American Disabilities Act (ADA) access, chargers are often located in prime parking spaces. Signage restricts parking to electric vehicles, but "ICEing"—a gas car parking in a charger space—has been an ongoing nuisance issue.
—Chelsea Sexton, “GM Sponsors Bill That Creates Problems for Electric Car Charging,”, August 22, 2011
Many thanks to reader Bill Patterson for spying this term.