idea hamster
n. A person with a creative, inventive mind who is constantly churning out new ideas.
"In a San Diego State football T-shirt, ratty jeans and Nike cross-trainers, the tall, heronlike Herrick, the play's musical director, shuttles to and fro at the rehearsal with high-octane energy. He's an idea hamster.

Never quite satisfied, he massages the musicians to try this or that, or to just stay the hell out of the song altogether. He pushes actors to sing higher, deeper, longer, throatier notes.
—Linton Weeks, “'Kudzu' on Stage,” The Washington Post, March 08, 1998
1994 (earliest)
Idea Hamster
Someone who always seems to have his or her idea generator running. "That guy's a real idea hamster. Give him a raw concept and he'll turn it over 'til he comes up with something useful."
—Gareth Branwyn, “Jargon Watch,” Wired, June 01, 1994
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