n. A political power broker, motivated solely by ideology, who while being a member of a mainstream political party, operates outside of the usual rules of party patronage.
In each chapter, Burkett focuses on a different type of conservative: young women ("the babes"), religious women ("the holy"), militia women ("the outlaws"), intellectual women ("the ideopreneurs"), guntoting women ("pistol-packing mamas"), etc.
—Barbara Spindel, “Looking to the Right,” Feminist Collections, October 31, 1998
1998 (earliest)
Then, when the neocons got lost in a marketplace of ideas that has become a superstore, the new ideopreneurs turned the tables, whining that the "liberal media" was silencing conservative voices, while feminist leaders crowed with self-satisfaction.
—Elinor Burkett, The Right Women: A Journey Through the Heart of Conservative America, Scribner, March 01, 1998
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