adj. Describes a word that includes one or more uppercase letters within the body of the word.
Also Seen As
Compound words like WebAddresses that include uppercase letters to separate words are also known as inner-capped or inter-capped words. This is also known as BiCapitalization and the words are known as InterCaps.
—“Treebeard’s Stumper Answer,”, February 15, 2002
1997 (earliest)
I used to think this trend started with companies that affected computer lingo — CompuServe, DigiCash, WordPerfect, HotJava — but lexicographer Richard Weiner, who I suspect coined inner-capped on the analogy of the mafia's knee-capping, reminds me of the 1959 TelePrompTer.
—William Safire, “On Language: JammedTogether Names Inc.,” The New York Times, July 20, 1997
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