instant on
n. A feature that enables a computer or similar device to be ready for use as soon as it is turned on.
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Then [Microsoft], based in Redmond, Wash., plans "sometime in 2000" to release a new consumer version of Windows that will offer an as-yet-unannounced set of easy-to-use consumer features, such as "instant on."
—John Markoff, “Behind the Big Shift on Windows,” The New York Times, April 09, 1999
But why are experts so bullish about a Windows-CE hegemony? First, it is not a hefty OS. It is simple to use-with one hand operation, instant on/off interfaces and the familiar Windows icons.
—Kavita Kaur, “Windows CE Operating System: Win Hands Down,” Computers Today, February 01, 1999
1979 (earliest)
The companies were helped along by manufacturers of consumer appliances. Homes of the '60s and '70s filled up with hair dryers, coffee makers, microwave ovens, instant-on TVs…
—Stephen Petranek, “The Power Brokers,” The Washington Post, August 26, 1979
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