n. An activist who supports or lobbies for laws that ban infant circumcisions.
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Perhaps it's easier for these so-called "intactivists" to get attention at the local level. Hey, City Hall spent months talking about Happy Meal toys so why not? Both the San Francisco and Santa Monica measures would make circumcising any male under the age of 18 illegal, even for religious reasons.
—Heather Knight, “San Francisco circumcision ban replicated in Santa Monica,” San Francisco Chronicle, May 29, 2011
For Chapin and other advocates at Intact America, even a discussion over whether the potential benefits of circumcision outweigh its risks is unwarranted. The organization, the largest group of "intactivists" in North America, sent a petition with 25,000 signatures to the CDC in May stating its opposition to any recommendation in favour of infant circumcision.
—Megan Ogilvie, “Controversy reignited over benefits of male circumcision,” The Toronto Star, July 04, 2010
1996 (earliest)
Yet intactivists still get called many things. For the sake of the children, we have to put up with all this, and carry on. Why are men called racist bigots for wanting to have our bodies left with all their parts attached?
—“Circumcision: One man's feelings of loss as a result of this procedure,” Everyman: A Men's Journal, April 30, 1996