n. A person who uses an iPod digital music player.
Some carried the elaborate third generation models with the iconic white earphones. Others settled for scratched, faintly retro first-generation versions and wore subdued plugs instead of the white ones they dismiss as fashion statements.

Every shade of iPodder of Manchester was out in force this week — and all were in search of the same new social event spawned by Apple's best-selling gadget.
—Ian Herbert, “Death of the DJ: How iPod is bringing democracy to the dancefloor,” The Independent, April 24, 2004
An iPodder is easy to spot. Just look for the telltale white cord snaking its way up from a pant or shirt pocket to tiny white earphones in the user's ears.

Or the iPodder could be holding the product in the palm of his or her hand, scrolling through a maximum of about 10,000 tracks that can be stored in the portable device, depending on model.
—My-Ly Nguyen, “Apple of the music fan's eye; Little iPod, able to store up to 10,000 songs, has made big impact on consumers,” Press & Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton, NY), February 29, 2004
2002 (earliest)
Oh, and if your favorite gearhead already has an iPod — a distinct possibility — consider giving a car cassette adapter for it, so the lucky iPodder can listen to tunes on the road.
—David Pogue, “Cheat Sheet: Digital Gifts At 11th Hour,” The New York Times, December 19, 2002
iPodders are also known as pod people (2003).
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