adj. Of, or relating to, stylish designs and products from Japan.
The latest buzzword among design gurus is 'Jappening', a nifty shorthand to describe the enormous influence all-things Japanese exert right now. For example, glance at a bunch of wrists in any fashionable bar here and you'll realise that the Casio G-shock watch has become almost ubiquitous among the combat trouser-wearing generation (who also prefer Japanese-made Evisu jeans at 120 a pair).
—Simon Mills, “Designs on Tokyo,” Sunday Times, July 18, 1999
1999 (earliest)
J is for Jappening. This collective term refers to all things from Japan that are stylish and 'happening', including the shop Muji, the Manga films and the band Mondo Grosso.
—Gavanndra Hodge, “The A-Z of style,” Daily Mail, June 03, 1999
This term blends the words Japan and happening, the latter being an adjectival refugee from the 1960s that means "fashionable, hip, exciting."
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