n. Building designs that consist of a series of stacked, offset boxes.
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The firm has clearly become a go-to for developers big — TF Cornerstone tapped ODA for phase two of Hunters Point South — and small, and the firm has solidified its position as the experts of Jenga-tecture, i.e. buildings that look like stacked boxes.
—Jessica Dailey, “Mapping ODA's Dozens of New Boxy Buildings in NYC,” Curbed, July 21, 2015
As more consumers demand greener lifestyles, yet are pushed into condo living arrangements due to urban space constraints, architects are reconsidering traditional skyscraper designs in favor of those more catered to the eco-conscious market. The solution may be jengalike, stacked structures that incorporate space for gardens and open areas.
—“Jengatecture,” Trendhunter, May 18, 2011
The most Jengalike of Jengatectures, the Enso has metal-wrapped window boxes protruding from dark wood siding, resembling stacked shipping containers.
—Ben Waterhouse, “Jengatecture,” Willamette Week, April 28, 2010
2009 (earliest)
Rybczinski on Jengatecture: 'vogue of stacking' (
—Braulio Agnese, “Rybczinski on…,” Twitter, April 15, 2009
The "Jengaform" look of recovery-era multifamily architecture is everywhere. New York is chock-a-block with blocky-looking buildings.
—Kriston Capps, “'Jengaform' Architecture Is Everywhere,” CityLab, July 06, 2015
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