job spill
n. Work or work-related tasks that carry over into personal time.
Other Forms
If your boss calls you on the weekend, that's job spill. If you boot up your laptop after supper — job spill.
—“Webster's staff defines 'job spill',” Akron Beacon Journal, January 09, 2003
According to Fraser and the dozens of workers she spent four years interviewing, this so-called "job spill" — this seamless merging of home and work that was supposed to make our lives so much easier — is the bane of today's mid-level corporate worker. It's everywhere.
—Emily J. Minor, “Why bother?,” Palm Beach Post, March 31, 2001
2001 (earliest)
Job spill … is the dirty little secret behind many a corporation's thriving bottom line.
—Jill Andresky Fraser, White-Collar Sweatshop: The Deterioration of Work and Its Rewards in Corporate America, W.W. Norton & Company, February 01, 2001
This phrase was named "word of the year" for 2002 by the staff at Webster's New World College Dictionary.