n. The pleasure derived from no longer worrying about missing out on what other people are doing or saying.
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JOMO is a social detox, the equivalent for the mind of the nine-day juice cleanse. It's about not allowing the new, noisy world make you feel inadequate. It's deciding not to invest in this season's punk prints. It's not spending another minute thinking about the wider repercussions of Tinder. It's choosing not to watch 'Love/Hate'. Instead you fully engage in your own life rather than constantly interrupting it to worry it's inadequate and eavesdrop on other people's.
—Lorraine Courtney, “Forget the social tyranny of FOMO — just switch off and embrace staying in,” Irish Independent, January 03, 2014
Sometimes, you don't go to that amazing event because you're just going to stay home and read a book or watch TV or flick away idly at your phone, only realizing you've missed the moment when it's already too late. And then, when you get old and wonderfully, contentedly boring like me, you stay home because you'd rather be there for bathtime and bedtime with the baby than, well, anywhere else in the world.

This is the Joy of Missing Out.
—Anil Dash, “JOMO!,” Anil Dash, July 19, 2012
2012 (earliest)
I am going with JOMO… Joy Of Missing Out.
—Amanda Gillies, “I am going with…,” Twitter, February 05, 2012