n. A large umbrella or canopy, particularly one used to cover the outdoor patio of a restaurant or bar.
But from next summer, if Ken wants to smoke at the pub, he will have to sit outside. … Preparing for the ban need not cost the earth. In some cases, the "smoking solution" has cost just a few thousand pounds — the price of decking, a giant umbrella — known as a jumbrella — and some patio heaters.
—Matthew Goodman, “Will pub profits go up in smoke?,” Sunday Times, November 26, 2006
With council permission, the side entrance has been "fenced off" with attractive period railings and behind it a "jumbrella", a state of the art canopy complete with powerful tiny heaters in its roof, set up.
—Mike Chapple, “Pub Refurbishment,” Daily Post, June 10, 2006
2001 (earliest)
The application by Bass Taverns Ltd also seeks to provide cover for the seating area by linked "jumbrellas" which effectively provide a continuous canopy.

The jumbrellas include canopy lighting and heating fixtures which would allow the facility to be used in the evening and later into the year.
—Daisy Blake, “Little support for jumbo umbrellas,” Bath Chronicle, August 13, 2001
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