n. A large department store that specializes in childrens' goods.
Teletubbies, girl power, Britrock, Dianamania - these are the words of 1997.

And they're likely to be around for a while. In the case of girl power, for instance, for considerably longer than the Spice Girls, who are famous for wielding it. Politics, royalty, fashion, celebs - all have played a part, Oxford Dictionaries researchers report, in coining words now in everyday use.

Here we look at some of the most popular:…

Kiddydrome: a large department store selling kids' goods.
—David Garfinkel, “That words the year that was,” The Mirror, December 23, 1997
1997 (earliest)
Just as Conran has made his food shops and restaurants so irresistible they function as sublime punishment for gluttons, so Tim Waterstone is poised to become the Pied Piper leading children, parents, grandparents and god-parents into a new concept of the kiddydrome: a department store answering every wish, wheeze and whim of the under 10s.
—John Cunningham, “Daisy and Tom go shopping,” The Guardian (London), July 23, 1997
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