killer litter
n. Garbage tossed from a high-rise building.
Other Forms
A sales manager died after a falling metal chair hit him on the head and fractured his skull on Friday afternoon.

Mr Teo Yeow Sing, 44, was struck at about 4 pm as he was walking on the ground floor of Ichiban Building, on the Sungei Kadut Industrial Estate. He was taken to the National University Hospital, where he died from brain injuries at 7.10 am the following day.

This is the second 'killer litter' death since April 2000, when a girl was killed by a falling flower pot.
—“Man dies after being hit by falling chair,” The Straits Times, April 29, 2002
1984 (earliest)
Singapore, which means "lion city," is moving into high technology manufacturing. A science park that backers hope will grow into an Oriental version of California's Silicon Valley is under construction…Officials are cracking down on "killer litter," garbage dropped from tall buildings.
—Kenneth L. Whiting, “Singapore Marks 25 Years Of Self-Rule This Week,” The Associated Press, April 05, 1984
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