n. A knowledgeable and experienced Internet user.
Neither newbie or knowbie, I count myself among the silver surfers, those geezers in Dickensian nightshirts who preceded the blogging guys in pajamas.
—William Safire, “On Language: Qualassurepurp,” The New York Times, June 19, 2005
Newbie: Another one of those exclusively Internet type of words. Newbie is slang for someone who is new to the Internet or to some specific aspect of the Internet. A knowbie is, you guessed it, an Internet oldtimer.
—Sharon Macdonald, “Buzzwords for the next century; … or at least the next week,” Hamilton Spectator, April 13, 2000
1997 (earliest)
Just connected to the Net? Feeling a bit wobbly and shy to show your ignorance? Everyone felt that way once which is why the old hands have set up a Newbie Uni — a New User University. Email, FTP, IRC, Newsgroups, Websurfing . . . from Newbie to Knowbie is what they promise.
—Samela Harris, “Newbie Uni for starters,” The Advertiser, October 27, 1997
This word is a play on newbie, a common term for an neophyte Internet user. (Once used only in the Usenet realm, but now applicable to the Internet as a whole.)
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