Las Vegas voice
n. A throat irritation caused by exposure to smoke, particularly by working in smoke-filled rooms.
Las Vegas voice: voice fatigue, hoarseness, and dry irritated throat caused by exposure to smoke or other irritants.
—“La - Le,” Inside Surgery, March 27, 2009
The modern "Textbook of Performing Arts Medicine" discusses "Las Vegas Voice" (strained vocal cords from working smoky rooms) and "Fiddler's Neck" (a skin condition caused by the friction of chinning a violin).
—“Feeling Off Key,” The New York Times, June 21, 1998
1993 (earliest)
Las Vega is infamous for the mucosal irritation caused by its dry atmosphere and smoke-filled rooms. In fact, the resultant complex of hoarseness, vocal "tickle" and fatigue is referred to as "Las Vegas voice."
—“The Voice of Chorus America Vol. 17-18,” Chorus America, October 01, 1993
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