left coast
n. Joshing reference to the west coast, particularly the west coast of the United States or Canada.
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Here's hoping for a quick recovery for legendary chef and cookbook queen Julia Child. She had knee-replacement surgery yesterday in Santa Barbara, Calif. The good news is that Child, now 90 and living on the left coast, has outlived her knee replacements.
—Carol Beggy & Stephanie Stoughton, “Names,” The Boston Globe, November 06, 2002
1980 (earliest)
It became evident that this year's Picnic was going to be a little different when the people from the Left Coast showed up in town.

If you're standing in Texas looking north, as Texans frequently do, the Left Coast is where Hollywood is. And to the folks from Warner Brothers in Hollywood, Willie Nelson's Eighth Annual Fourth of July Picnic was the perfect vehicle for promoting the release of the singer's new motion picture.
—John M. Crewdson, “The last of the best little picnics in Texas,” The New York Times, July 06, 1980
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