leper list
n. A list of companies and organizations that are vulnerable to the year 2000 computer problem.
Banks are not the only businesses compiling lists of problematic companies, sometimes called "leper lists." Federal Express, for instance, has used a system of so-called green, yellow or red lights to assess the Y2K status of suppliers, vendors and airports.
—Jeff Harrington, “ Banks compiling year 2000 'leper list',” St. Petersburg Times (Florida), July 11, 1999
There's been a lot of discussion among economists about the idea of some supplier countries being just sort of put on a leper list where it's clear that you're not going to be ready for Y2K so we're going to stop dealing with you.
—Marilyn Geewax in Mary Tillotson, “Ten Months and Counting to Y2K,” CNN, March 02, 1999
1999 (earliest)
Some firms worry that Y2K glitches might force unprepared clients, customers, and suppliers out of business, and to guard against such unpleasant surprises many are now creating leper lists to protect themselves from potential plague victims.
—Spencer E. Ante, “Are You on the Leper List?,” Wired, January 01, 1999
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