lifestyle office
n. An office organized in such a way that it suits the way of life and style of working of each employee.
"Lifestyle offices" are the buzz concept in architectural circles.

The 24-hour economy and changing employment patterns are having a radical impact on office life. Work space and social space are overlapping and the office is becoming an extension of our other lives.

Companies are creating leisure and relaxation zones - spaces that also double as informal meeting points for the exchange of ideas.

So you could find a bar at your workplace - somewhere to unwind after you have closed down your computer. Or there may be a basketball net, allowing you to leap up and down and combat office stress. In the US it is called a "hub" environment a departure lounge-type area, with juice bar, even an exhibition or gallery space, where staff can chill out or meet clients.
—David Spittles, “Lofty aspirations leading the way,” The Evening Standard, May 20, 2002
2000 (earliest)
If you are brainstorming, you should feel free to go and sit on a sofa or into the garden. Some people who like routine would find this difficult, but workplaces should be designed to help people have the freedom to work as they wish. The new buzzword is lifestyle offices.
—Emma Cullinan, “Now there's a desk,” The Irish Times, October 12, 2000