n. A libertarian whose views are so extreme as to invite mockery.
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I guess Reddit's strong lolbertarian background is why they took so long to clamp down on child porn there?
—Jeff Attwood, “I guess Reddit's strong…,” Twitter, October 12, 2012
You know the kind of book where you have to keep reading just to find out how bad it can get, and then when you’re done with it you have to take a long shower? This is one of those.

It’s a preachy lolbertarian wish-fulfillment cacotopia, explicitly pro-torture, pro-terrorism, and pro-war-crimes.
—Sam Kelly, “Michael Z Stephenson — Freehold,” Cold Iron and Rowan-wood, May 23, 2010
2004 (earliest)
A disparaging term for internet libertarians, used jokingly or not. First seen on

That LOLbertarian candidate will privatize the roads!
—Tezkah, “lolbertarian,” Urban Dictionary, October 09, 2004