n. A workshop that offers tools, materials, and expertise for people to work on do-it-yourself projects.
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More ambitiously, libraries have also begun offering "makerspaces" — shared workspaces that provide technological tools and are designed to facilitate collaborative work. I recently toured the makerspace at Washington, D.C.’s flagship Martin Luther King Jr. library. An eclectic group of hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and a mom with her homeschooled preteens were learning about tools like 3-D printers, laser cutters, and wire benders.
—Deborah Fallows, “The Library Card,” The Atlantic, February 08, 2016
About 100 Tech students, faculty and staff recently gathered at the union to brainstorm that transformation and help design Michigan Tech’s first "makerspace" — a lab, workshop and hangout where anyone in the university community will be able to go to turn their ideas into prototype realities.
—Dan Roblee, “Michigan Tech students gather to design 'makerspace' lab,” The Washington Times, November 17, 2015
Makerspaces, hackerspaces, and fab labs are popping up left and right both in and out of New York. They’re a part of the growing maker movement, which encourages people to invent and create.
—Caleb Savage, “Realize Your Creative Ideas At Staten Island’s Makerspace,” NYU Local, April 29, 2014
2008 (earliest)

Richmond Mills is a 250,000 sq ft. building serving the creative economy with inexpensive studio and work space. Currently 60+ tenants — painters, sculptors, woodworkers, jewelry makers, animators, architects, designers and more.
—MakePhilly, “Feb Meeting Recap + March Meeting Details + Maker Happenings….,” Make:Philly, February 25, 2008