n. A panel or similar public discussion group that consists only of men.
The range of topics on which men (and usually white men) are, apparently, exclusively experts is impressive and includes (but is not limited to) sustainable cities, infection biology, street photography, forestry research, youth economics, bioinformatics, block-chain technology and, remarkably, obstetrics, gynecology and infertility. Social media shaming has extended from "manels" to conferences, where the hashtag #YAMMM has gained popularity as people share examples of "yet another mostly male meeting."
—Imogen Coe, “How we can (finally) put an end to 'manels',” The Globe and Mail, November 12, 2017
Many speakers and attendees said that culture change required action by men as well as women, and noted that male allies can play a crucial role. Those all-male panels, or “manels?” Men should insist on more diversity or spurn the event, said biological anthropologist Susan Sheridan of the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. “If you see a manel, say no,” she said.
—Ann Gibbons & Elizabeth Culotta, “Anthropologists say no to sexual harassment,” Science, April 29, 2016
Now one website is pointing out this phenomenon by publishing photos of all-male panels, or "manels". The site is a Tumblr blog, sarcastically called, Congrats! You Have an All-Male Panel.
—Olivia Crellin, “Only men at your event? This blog will shame you,” BBC, May 27, 2015
2010 (earliest)
Starting a new segment on The Blend tomorrow called "The Manel"… panel of guys answering girls questions. Need advice? Got questions. Ask!
—Shawn Tempesta, “Starting a new…,” Twitter, July 13, 2010
home from a night of all "good things" with the most of the man panel AKA the "Manel" and @SimoneGrant:)
—Katie P, “home from a…,” Twitter, June 25, 2009