meet Marx
v. To die, particularly when the person is or was a Communist.
No one knows what kind of China will emerge in the years ahead, since no one knows who will be in control. When Deng Xiaoping, 92, finally goes to meet Marx, to whom he can explain the defects of communism, President Jiang Zemin will face rivals for the reins in China.
—Melvin Goo, “Regional security at stake,” The Nikkei Weekly, April 29, 1996
Pyongyang is a city still obsessed by the death three-and-a-half months ago of the 'Great Leader', Kim Il Sung….

Three months after Kim shuffled off to 'meet Marx', the media are still carrying reprints of his doctrine and front-page outpourings of praise of him from 'foreign leaders' — dignitaries from Ghana, Nepal and Mozambique are favourites.
—“Kim's dead hand still grips Korea,” The Observer, October 23, 1994
1978 (earliest)
That partial victory was not good enough for Teng. He is 75 and, as he recently put it, about to "meet Marx."
—Joseph Kraft, “Chinese shift helps Teng image,” The New Mexican, December 28, 1978
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