n. Angst and anxiety exhibited by some men upon reaching middle age, especially when those feelings manifest in the purchase of a sports car or an affair with a younger woman; a sports car purchased by a man undergoing a mid-life crisis.
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Roman Abramovich, Russian oil billionaire, world's 11th richest man, owner of Chelsea Football Club, collector of luxury yachts, has been accused of playing away from home.

He has been spotted on several occasions in the alluring company of 23-year-old model Daria Zhukova, and his wife of 15 years, Irina, isn't at all happy. …

It can't be pure coincidence that the tycoon's friendship with a young and gorgeous socialite hit the headlines just days before Abramovich is due to blow out 40 candles on his birthday cake. It's the classic age at which a man begins to feel the chill wind of the male 'menoporsche' blowing through his thinning hair.
—Lise Hand, “Rich men and the mid-wife crisis,” Irish Independent, October 19, 2006
Some doctors believe that midlife crises often stem from men's waning testosterone levels. Dr. Harry Fisch, a New York physician and author of the "Male Biological Clock," drolly refers to the phenomenon as "menoporsche," noting that testosterone treatment may prove a better antidote for the condition than the purchase of a new sports car.
—Shari Rudavsky, “Manopause,” The Indianapolis Star, March 14, 2005
1986 (earliest)
Take that away and the age-old problem of a young woman having an affair with an older married man (who tellingly drives a meno-Porsche), although approached with some insight from the girl's point of view, continues to remain insoluble.
—Iain Johnstone, “Film Review: Death in a French ditch,” The Sunday Times (London), May 11, 1986