n. A small-footprint web browser that can be used with next-generation telephones and other small devices.
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Summer is also the rollout period for a new crop of phones from Motorola. The i1000 Plus model will be available in six cities on the Nextel digital cellular network by the end of the year. It will integrate a digital phone, an alphanumeric pager, a two-way radio, an E-mail device and a microbrowser into a five-ounce cellular phone.
—Katie Hafner, “Web Phone: The Next Big Thing?,” The New York Times, April 15, 1999
Microsoft is giving BT the exclusive right to test its microbrowser software, which allows users to browse the Internet from mobile phones and other portable electronics devices, outside the United States.
—Peter Thal Larsen, “Microsoft and BT form Net force,” The Independent (London), February 09, 1999
1996 (earliest)
The UP.Browser embedded in the phone enables it to send and receive text-based information from the Internet and private intranets. With this micro-browser, Samsung Electronics' phone is no larger or heavier than a regular cellular phone but has the capability of wireless connectivity to a variety of information services, at a competitive price.
—“AT&T Wireless Services, Samsung Electronics and Unwired Planet Announce Wireless Intranet and Internet Access Using Samsung Electronics' New Smart Phone,” Business Wire, October 07, 1996