n. A short, simple honeymoon.
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"There are a lot of people taking road trips, or taking the train, or doing a staycation, or doing a more scaled-down version," says Meg Keene, publisher and executive editor of A Practical Wedding website,, and author of a guidebook of the same name.

There's even a word for the smaller, simpler options: mini-moons.
—Nara Schoenberg, “Scaling back on the honeymoon,” Chicago Tribune, June 18, 2013
In fact with many couples both time-poor and with budgets that have already been blown out on the big day the new trend is to ditch the typical honeymoon for a minimoon.
—“Enjoy a honeymoon or a mini-moon,” Illawarra Mercury, November 20, 2012
2000 (earliest)
So, the honeymoon has become a chance to be creative, to think outside the coconut-scented box that holds the traditional week in Bermuda or Jamaica or Hawaii. That creativity has spawned weddingmoons, halfmoons, mini-moons and extravagant vacations that are rationalized as honeymoons.
—Naedine Joy Hazell, “New 'moons For A New Day,” Hartford Courant, June 22, 2000
A toast to Karen H. for spying this word.