mischief to data
n. A criminal act that involves the unauthorized destruction, alteration, or restriction of computer data.
A Kitchener court was told that while Robert Horvat, 20, had no formal computer training, he was able to hack his way into several computer networks….

Horvat pleaded guilty to eight charges including possession of child pornography for distribution, mischief to data and unauthorized use of a computer.
—“Pornographer sentenced to learn computers,” Hamilton Spectator (Ontario, Canada), December 09, 1997
A 14-year-old Toronto youth was sentenced to two years' probation for fraudulently making more than 120,000 telephone calls to points around the globe.

Charges of fraudulently obtaining a computer service and of mischief to data were laid against the youth earlier this year following a probe by Metro police fraud officers and Bell Canada security staff.
—“14-year-old gets probation for 120,000 fraudulent calls,” The Toronto Star, September 16, 1993
1985 (earliest)
430. Mischief to data

(1.1) Every one commits mischief to data who wilfully
(a) destroys or alters data;
(b) renders data meaningless, useless or ineffective;
(c) obstructs, interrupts or interferes with the lawful use of data; or
(d) obstructs, interrupts or interferes with any person in the lawful use of data or denies access to data to any person who is entitled to access thereto.
—“Criminal Code of Canada,” Government of Canada, January 01, 1985
Alas, the Canadian Criminal Code has been amended to change the wonderful phrase mischief to data to the bland mischief in relation to data.
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