n. A short program, or the edited highlights from a longer program, designed to be watched on a small, mobile screen such as a digital media player or a mobile phone.
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Indeed, ESPN's content is perfectly suited for the mobile world. Sports fans, after all, like to closely monitor their favorite players and teams — timely information that fits comfortably into what media executives call ''snack size'' content. The News Corporation, steward of the Fox Network and Fox Studios, is so fond of short cellphone videos that it has trademarked a term to describe them: ''mobisodes.''
—Louise Story, “Yes, the Screen Is Tiny, But the Plans Are Big,” The New York Times, June 17, 2007
While Lost viewers will have to wait till next year to see the next TV episodes, Cuse and Lindelof said in the fall there will be a series of Lost mobisodes featuring the entire cast and rolling out first on Verizon Wireless and then probably appearing on They said they're keenly aware of the eight-month gap between last month's finale and the return of Lost at the beginning of next year.

"How do you keep the show alive in the minds of the audience in that time?" Cuse asked. They're also planning to go back to San Diego's Comic-Con International, where the show was launched in 2004, to address May's Season 3 finale and what they had in mind.

Cuse said the mobisodes, about 90 seconds each, will give hardcore Lost viewers more information that they probably weren't going to get through the show itself.
—“Lost will find right ending,” The Toronto Sun, June 16, 2007
2000 (earliest)
Mobile TV content will need to be suitable for 'snacking' and one may migrate from episodes to 'mobisodes' or fragmented and small made-for-mobile episodes that cater to bite-sized portions of content on the go.
—Vijay Satokar, “Mass Media? It’s "Audience of One" Now!,” The Press Trust of India, February 10, 2000
As the the citation from The New York Times says, the word mobisodes ™ has been trademarked by News Corp. (technically, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation).