mom as a service
n. Software and online tools that provide services similar to the tasks performed by a mother.
Also Seen As
This small subculture of wealthy technophiles promotes investment into luxury goods for rich people, or into "mom as a service" types of companies that cater to spoiled workaholics in the tech industry. And so we end up with things like a $120M juice squeezer, or three startups competing to deliver organic baby food.
—Maciej Cegłowski, “Notes From An Emergency,” Idle Words, May 10, 2017
MaaS (Mom-as-a-Service) will be the next big startup.
—Rym, “MaaS (Mom-as-a-Service…,” Twitter, April 03, 2017
Mom as a service (stand in mother for college kids)
—“Another Mother,” Product Hunt, February 08, 2015
2009 (earliest)
RT @jonspenceley "your mom as a service" #hoHOto
—Zack Aysan, “RT @jonspenceley "your…,” Twitter, August 10, 2009
This phrase is a play on cloud computing's tendency to name everything using the something-as-a-service template. For example, online applications (such as DropBox and Google Docs) are called software-as-a-service (SaaS) and online computing power (such as Amazon EC2) is called infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).