monster home
n. An extremely large house, especially one in which the size doesn't fit in with the surrounding architecture or terrain.
Homeowners in the coalition say they see a similar shift happening in parts of Dallas and in the Park Cities, where they say monster homes are destroying the historic fabric of older neighborhoods.

"We have beautiful homes here, absolutely beautiful," said coalition participant Carole Jones, who lives in the 300 block of Huffhines Street. "But they're small homes. To build a 7,000- to 10,000-square-foot house next to a 900-square-foot house is outrageous."
—Sarah Post, “Neighbors decry size of homes,” The Dallas Morning News, October 02, 2002
1987 (earliest)
The days of the free-wheeling development of "monster" homes in old bungalow-type neighborhoods of North York could be numbered.
—Michael Best, “'Monster' homes may be outlawed in North York,” The Toronto Star, March 03, 1987
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