n. The illegal use of a concealed electric motor in a sanctioned bicycle race.
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Over the past year, the idea of moto-doping — secreting a small motor in a racing bicycle — had become the great white buffalo of professional cycling. People inside the sport were talking about the devices, but no one had actually seen one used.
—Cathal Kelly, “From doping to moto-doping, cycling’s latest great white buffalo,” The Globe and Mail, February 03, 2016
It simply wouldn't be the Tour de France if the media and fans didn't have something new to complain about — and so-called "moto doping" is just the latest trend.
—Michael Hatamoto, “Concerns and suspicions of pro cyclists using motors in their bikes,” TweakTown, July 24, 2015
In professional road racing, illegal ‘moto-doping’ has been a gossipy topic inside the elite peloton for several seasons
—Jason Gay, “The Buzz About Motors in Cycling,” The Wall Street Journal, July 23, 2015
2010 (earliest)
is only slightly dazed and confused over the Giro general classification. First, the Netherlands, then Stage 11. What's next? Moto-doping?
—Jim Pappe, “is only…,” Twitter, May 19, 2010