adj. Relating to a person who is homeless except for a motorhome or similar RV.
Also Seen As
Welcome to Venice Beach, California, where tensions are rising between homeowners and the motor homeless who take over entire streets living out of campers, vans, buses, trucks and RVs.
—William La Jeunesse, “Homeowners vs. 'Motor-Homeless'” (video), Fox News, August 12, 2010
I’m a "wanna-be" Motor-Homeless person. I would like to spend retirement living/visiting places of beauty and interest. I hope to learn how to do this without annoying the full time residents of places I visit.
—Hank, “Motor-homeless causing a stir on Seattle’s streets” (comment), RV Wheel Life, July 18, 2009
2001 (earliest)
Cedric Glazer and Nisarga Maharaj, sitting at another table, said they had never been to a soup kitchen, but saw a notice for the dinner. "I call myself motor-homeless, because I travel around in my old motor home and don't live anywhere," Glazer said.
—“Homeless shelter invites everyone — and many show up,” The Associated Press, November 23, 2001