music service provider
n. A company that provides music, particularly via online downloads.
Also Seen As
Robertson's business model, based on his plans to make MP3 "an MSP, or music service provider," is far from fine-tuned, but would split subscription revenues between artists and labels, and
—Stephen Williams, “Web Perks to Come — For a Fee,” Newsday (New York), June 23, 2000
Robertson, who admitted the recording industry isn't rushing to adopt his ideas, is also trying to push the phrase 'music service providers,' or MSPs, which he coined to describe all Internet music companies in the same way ISP refers to Internet service providers.
—Benny Evangelista, “Record Industry Told to Eject CDs for MP3,” The San Francisco Chronicle, June 21, 2000
1993 (earliest)
ComStream…recently entered into an agreement to provide the industry's first digital audio receiver capable of delivering 120 channels of CD quality 20 KHz stereo music to DMX For Business, a business music service provider to retail organizations throughout the United States.
—“ComStream designated as DBA name of Spar Aerospace Limited's communications subsidiary,” Business Wire, November 29, 1993
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