naked re-elect
n. A polling question in which respondents are asked whether an incumbent politician deserves to be re-elected.
Since it is now unclear where the district's constituents will be, Jones asked all Utahns if Matheson has done a good enough job to be re-elected next year, or should someone else new get a chance to serve. Such a question is known as a 'naked re-elect' in political jargon because there is no opponent listed opposite Matheson.
—“Poll Finds Matheson In Good Shape, Cook Has Some Work To,” The Bulletin's Frontrunner, August 02, 2001
1993 (earliest)
Pollster Dan Jones noted that nationwide, Senators average a 42% 'naked re-elect' rating these days.
—“Hatch said to be 'in good shape,” The Hotline, July 16, 1993
As the first citation mentions, the "naked" part of a naked re-elect comes from the fact that the question doesn't mention a specific opponent. Instead, the question simply asks if a particular politician deserves to be re-elected or if someone else should be given a chance to serve.
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