n. A brief vacation, particularly one that includes just one night away from home.
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Anticipating this newly emerging travel trend, has planned special discounts on hotels in the Asia-Pacific, Americas and Europe from the year's end until the middle of February, a period that includes the New Year's Day and Lunar New Year holidays, to allow Korean travelers to enjoy nanobreaks more easily.
—Lee Hyo-sik, “'Nanobreaks' new tourism trend in S. Korea,” Korea Times, December 23, 2010
There has been a 29% increase in the number of UK holidaymakers searching for single-night holidays — or "nano-breaks" — over the past year, according to
—“Short Breaks Up 29% As Brits Keep On Travelling,”, February 17, 2009
2002 (earliest)
But despite the mounds of luggage in the boot of the prime ministerial Land Cruiser plus one very smart guitar case this is not really a holiday at all. It is more of a nanobreak to show support for the British tourist industry.
—Robert Hardman, “Tony's country jaunt,” Daily Mail, August 02, 2002