Napster bomb
n. A music file that has the name of a copyrighted song, but that actually contains some other song or a sequence of noises.
Some sites, like, compare downloading copyrighted songs to 'unsafe sex.' The Tabloids, the rock group that started the site, encourages the injection of 'Napster Bombs,' or bad song files that contaminate the Napster community.
—Mary Louise Schumacher, “The Napster Flap,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, October 02, 2000
2000 (earliest)
Mark Gunderson is an artist, computer programmer, and a general wrench in the gears. He is a founding member of Evolution Controlled Creations, a Columbus, Ohio-based music label that has recently become infamous with the introduction of its now legendary Napster bombs. This innovative distribution plan has helped them turn a little-known EEC single into one of the most traded tracks on Napster.
—Ankarino Lara, “An Interview with the Napster Bomber,” ZDNet Music, June 01, 2000
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