n. Government by the excessively self-centered.
Also Seen As
Oligarchy, rule by the few, also tends to become rule by the monstrously self-centered. Narcisstocracy? Jerkigarchy?
—Paul Krugman, “Privilege, Pathology and Power,” The New York Times, January 01, 2016
I’m trying to think what we even call this emergent society. A neurocracy? Narcissistocracy?
—The Wren, “I’m trying…,” Twitter, November 01, 2015
Henry Kissinger, for example, will always be "Mr. Secretary," even though his last year in a Cabinet position was the year the comic strip "Cathy" debuted. The honorific-for-life rule is so necessary to maintaining the Washington narcissocracy that it is inviolable.
—Gene Weingarten, “D.C. isn’t the second-snobbiest city in America; it’s the snobbiest,” The Washington Post, September 24, 2014
Patriarchal Narcissocracy: Males expect loyalty & subordinance.
—#MikkiForPrez, “Patriarchal Narcissocracy…,” Twitter, December 03, 2010
2005 (earliest)
—Daniel Duquenal, “Narcissistocracy,” Venezuela News and Views, October 14, 2005
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, English comedian John Oliver, following the long-standing tradition of outsiders accurately analyzing the neuroses of the American psyche, said, “Politics has become infused with narcissism in America.” This feels intuitively right, although of course it’s not a purely American phenomenon. After all, no matter where you live you’ve encountered politicians who are interested only in themselves, who hear only applause and acknowledge only compliments, who desire only to gaze into the giant reflecting pool of their own ego. In short, we all live in a narcissocracy.