n. A person who travels to a foreign country to sample the local drugs or the indigenous narcotic plants.
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His first reaction was that it was good I had been affected by the daime. Many Western narco-tourists feel nothing.
—Alex Bellos, “Get close to God. Take drugs,” The Guardian (London), November 24, 1998
Amsterdam is a libertarian's fantasy. Every November it hosts a cannabis trade fair known as the "Cannabis Cup." From around the world thousands of "narco tourists" descend to taste the hottest new strain of pot, catch up on the latest technological developments and watch a hemp fashion show.
—Richard C. Morais, “Just say maybe,” Forbes, June 17, 1996
1994 (earliest)
La Rocka is the first point of call on the 'Can a Bus' whistle-stop tour of Amsterdam's coffee shops: a twice-monthly trip for a load of UK based narco-tourists from London to a weekend of dope-fuelled oblivion.
—Peter Beaumont, “Day Trippers Go Dutch Into the Smoking Zone,” The Observer, May 29, 1994