n. Time off from work spent without travelling and without spending money on leisure activities.
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Naycation? No way. With gas prices dropping, it's time to plot a summer road trip.
—“Get it in gear for road trips,” USA Today, July 17, 2009
Pundits have dubbed 2009 the year of the "naycation." Because the recession has slashed vacation budgets, many families are staying home this summer.
—Gail Borelli, “Invitation to Summer: Spiffing up the backyard,” The Kansas City Star, May 24, 2009
2008 (earliest)
If 2008 was the year of the staycation, then '09 is bound to be the year of the naycation. As in, nay — we're not vacationing.
—Christopher Elliott, “9 reasons '09 will be the year of the 'naycation',”, December 08, 2008