n. A haiku that has a scientific or technical theme, or that relates to a work of science fiction or fantasy.
Time for some nerd haiku (nerdku?):

Watching the big sky
looking for the Perseids
on a starry night.
—Amy Mainzer, “Time for some…,” Twitter, August 13, 2015
—“Time for Ku — that's Scifaiku (and maybe a little Nerdku),” Urban Fantasist, February 08, 2015
—IronWing, “Nerdku — Haiku for Nerds,” AnandTech Forums, February 21, 2010
2010 (earliest)
RT @LiuTiemo: this conjugation / neither active nor passive - / only subjunctive
#senryu #nerdku
—Jenny, “RT @LiuTiemo: this…,” Twitter, February 02, 2010
SciFaiku takes its form from contemporary international haiku. A usual poem is 3 lines and contains about 17 syllables. The topic is science fiction. It strives for a directness of expression and beauty in its simplicity. Here is a representative example:

Asteroids collide
without a sound…
We maneuver between fragments.
—Tom Brinck, “The SciFaiku Manifesto,”, July 01, 1995
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