n. An Internet-based company.
According to stock-tracking firm, more than a quarter of the 71 Netcos that went public in the past year are now trading under their offering price.
—Brad Stone, “Dot-Coms Over a Barrel,” Newsweek, April 03, 2000
2000 has outfitted several venues, including the Staples (SPLS) Stadium in Los Angeles, with bar-code machines that recognize printed tickets, and expects customers to begin using them in April. Other Netcos are watching the experiment closely.
—Jennifer Couzin, “Toot-toot ticket booth good-bye?,” Network World, January 31, 2000
1999 (earliest)
Are US netcos about to steamroll their way across Europe, beating the locals on their own turf; or is there Something about Europe the Yanks just don't get?
—Steven Carlson, “Online Europe,” New Media Age, October 06, 1999