n. What the Internet is said to be suffering from on the days when response times and download times are slower than usual.
The main portals are US-based, with most offering UK tailored editions (Yahoo!, Excite and of course MSN do this). This is partly because of Netlag, but the pressure to have large numbers of readers is much greater in the States where advertising budgets are larger and the payback is faster.
—Bill Thompson, “Portals — even greater gateways,” New Media Age, May 28, 1998
1994 (earliest)
We suggest treating netlag like many treat jet lag: avoid alcohol during your 'flight' and drink plenty of water. We're not sure how it helps, but at least you'll be sober and you have some place to go while your computer is tied up downloading a file.
—“Hurry Up and Wait,” The Phoenix Gazette, July 18, 1994
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