n. The flow of announcements and press releases put out by a company, and the news stories generated by these announcements.
The Asian crisis and the strong pound is still hurting the airport operator, but continued strong growth in passenger numbers has reassured investors. The newsflow has also turned around, especially with the launch of the Heathrow Express rail link, whose start-up costs will hurt earnings in the short term.
—“ Sector Focus: The air operators,” Investors Chronicle, July 31, 1998
The rot in the biotechnology sector continued to spread, with analysts at NatWest said to be warning clients about the likelihood of "poor newsflow" from the sector over the summer.
—Paul Murphy, “Market report: Two sides to penny share king's exit,” The Guardian (London), June 12, 1997
1992 (earliest)
Fashion retailer Next benefited from bullish comments made by Morgan Stanley analyst Julie Ramshawe. …

'Strong like-for-like sales growth is continuing and the company is managing to keep a tight hold on costs. The newsflow is good and the shares are the pick of the bunch,' she said confidently.
—Geoff Foster, “Next is pick of the bunch,” Daily Mail (London), July 23, 1992
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