n. The fear of being without your mobile phone or without a cellular signal.
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Your heart rate accelerates, you feel short of breath, you reach quickly to your pocket and feel a wave of relief as you find your phone is still there.

There's a name for the overwhelming fear of losing your mobile phone and with it contact with friends and family — nomophobia — and the findings of a recent survey suggests it's on the rise.
—Heather Yundt, “Nomophobia—the fear of losing one's phone—is on the rise,” Ottawa Citizen, February 21, 2012
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you may be a nomophobe, and you are not alone.

Nomophobia — the fear of being without your cellphone — is on the rise, according to a new report sponsored by SecurEnvoy, a company that specializes in digital passwords.
—Deborah Netburn, “Nomophobia — fear of being without your phone — is on the rise,” Los Angeles Times, February 17, 2012
2008 (earliest)
The Post Office’s® telephony expert Stewart Fox-Mills said: "nomo-phobia is very real for many people in the UK. We’re all familiar with the stressful situations of everyday life such as moving house, breakups and organising a family christmas — but it seems that being out of mobile contact may be the 21st century’s contribution to our already manic lives.
—“Lost without your mobile? Sounds like a case of nomo-phobia,” Royal Mail Group, March 31, 2008
Many thanks to Lee Lanselle for spying this term.