pp. Using a large number of contiguous nouns.
Other Forms
We often see noun-banging in titles:

The Texas Probable Future Competition Cases and the Transformation of the Bank Expansion Movement, 24 Antitrust Bull. 395 (1989).
—Bryan A. Garner, The Elements of Legal Style, Oxford University Press, April 25, 1991
Noun adjuncts are nouns used to function as adjectives. as in telephone operator, truck driver, laboratory window. They are common and useful in English, but "noun-banging" can produce stuffiness, even gobbledegook, stringing noun adjuncts together: a chemistry laboratory equipment storage locker key.
—H. Wendell Smith, The Belmont Reader: Essays for Writers, Wadsworth Publishing, January 01, 1986
1971 (earliest)
noun-banging The stringing together of nouns used attributively.

"The party platform committee rules argument" is the noun-banger’s way of describing an argument over the rules of debate between members of a committee assembled to write the platform of a political party.
—Arnold Leslie Lazarus, et al., Modern English, Grosset & Dunlap, January 01, 1971
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