n. A doctor who is frequently on call, particularly one who earns a living by filling in for other doctors.
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For surgeons such as Dr. Rabinovich, it means cobbling together a job by filling in for others in what is jokingly referred to as the burgeoning new specialty: the on-call-ogist.
—Lisa Priest, “Canadian surgeons face flat-lining job market,” The Globe and Mail, February 24, 2011
So this is the tale of the "On-Call-ogist",
Who met Richard for the very first time,
Tomorrow the 'real guy' should be in,
And he can clarify.
—Sonja, “The Tale of the Crazy 'On-Call-ogist',” A Day in the Life of AJ and Dexter, August 22, 2010
2007 (earliest)
Obstetrics?" I asked, intentionally making myself sound puzzled. "I thought you said you were on call three times a week."
She looked at me, her eyebrows twisted. "Yeah, I'm on call three times a week."
"Doesn't that mean you're an on-call-ogist?
—Jack Orchard, “Extra Hands,” Jack Orchard, December 19, 2007
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