oppo guy
n. A political operative who specializes in digging up dirt on opponents.
We see the Bush's "oppo" (opposition) research team, mobilized during the first presidential debate, pouncing on every word from Gore to poke holes into it.

"We make the bullets," smiles oppo guy Mark Corallo as staffers look up whether or not Gore actually did vote this way or that in the past.
—“Political junkie's dream doc,” The Toronto Star, November 02, 2000
There will be knowing looks all around this town if you proffer a spin about White House oppo guys who dug up dish and Borked political opponents to counter the right-wing hitmen who are sliming the president.
—David Goldstein, “Washington-Speak Evidence of Sheltered Life in Capital,” The Arizona Republic, March 17, 1998
1996 (earliest)
In their own way, Butt Man and the "oppo" guys have stumbled onto a profound issue about the role of government.
—Howard Fineman, “A Brawl on Tobacco Road,” Newsweek, July 15, 1996
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